3 reasons you should do your bachelor in India

India is becoming a force to take seriously in the world economy. Just like Japan used to be the exotic choice to get to know, to get an edge in your career. China and India are now rising as the new cultures to be well versed in, to have an attractive profile to work internationally. While still being a country with a lot of poverty, there is also a lot of knowledge and scientific prowess in this almost mythological country, often most associated with meditation, yoga and inner peace. Now westerners might actually start pilgriming to India for their edge in information technology and science.

shutterstock_1295232083 Reasons to do your Bachelor in India

When choosing bachelor degrees abroad, there are at least three reasons you should contemplate going to India: 1. The knowledge India has a lot of expertise, especially in the area of computer science and information technology. Bangalore isn’t called India’s s Silicon valley without reason. They are are definitely competitive with the western alternatives in these areas. 2- Culture. The possibility of immersing yourself in a culture vastly different from your own is an education in itself, and will benefit you both as a person and as a professional. 3. Cost of living. The cost of living in India is among the lowest in the world.

Should i stay or should i go?

This philosophical question, once stated by the Clash, is not a question with an easy answer. But if you are considering studying abroad, you should definitely take India into consideration. You are definitely up for an adventure if you decide to go, and many of your cultural conditionings will be challenged. This also means you will have a better possibility to understand the Indian business culture better than people that haven’t lived there, giving you a professional edge.India will, without doubt be a big economical force in the future, and if you decide to go, you will gain an understanding of this exciting country that will benefit your professional life