What it’s like to be a student in Ireland

The country is beautiful, with an interesting combination of lakes, cliffs, hills and beaches. Ireland is a popular destination for students worldwide. The hospitality and friendliness, must have been the factor that contributed to the easy way with which overseas students adapt to the way of life and in particular, the student life. Like it’s people, Ireland’s weather is never boring or predictable. Ireland is a modern country with young population and a successful, technological economy, but it is also a country, where conversation, culture, music and traditions are important. Everywhere you go in Ireland, you will find a genuine and love of learning.

shutterstock_59887279Life in Ireland

Ireland, an e-speaking country, with close economic, cultural and educational links with other english-speaking countries. In fact, the country is the only english-speaking country in the Euro zone. Students are welcome from different parts of the world irrespective of their continent. There are eighty countries represented in the international student population. Ireland spends over 800 million annually for research in the higher institutions of education. The results of this funding is that Ireland’s higher education institutions are leading the world in many fields. Today, there are 7 universities, 14 Technology institutes and many other world-leading education and research centers. Ireland is a wise choice for bachelor degrees abroad.

What are the benefits?

Ireland has its own language and distinct cultural identity, English is the universal spoken language. The country everything from vibrant metropolitan cities to lavish green hills. Students are encouraged to join the student society that operates in their area. Students can stay on-campus accommodation. Studying in Ireland for foreign students is available in many different forms. The structure of all the institutions is wonderful and all the facilities in the higher institutions are provided with libraries, computers, resource rooms and administrative blocks. There are a lot of scholarships available for foreign students from a variety of sources. The universities and institutes of technology are self-governing, but receiving substantial state-funds.